12 Christmas Cocktails to Add Extra Cheer to Your Season
12 Christmas Cocktails to Add Extra Cheer In Your Season

12 Christmas Cocktails to Add Extra Cheer to Your Season

Worried about what drinks to serve your friends and family over the holiday season? Don’t fret — we’ve got you covered. Christmas cocktails can really add some happiness to your holidays while also jazzing up your dinners.

These Christmas cocktail ideas vary, so there’ll be something for everyone! You can whip up fruity drinks or warm drinks, all depending on your guests’ preferences and without compromising the holiday vibe!

1. Merry Christmas Cocktail  

One of the more classic Christmas cocktail recipes, the Merry Christmas Cocktail reigns supreme. The drink’s name is a testament to the holiday cheer it can impart to your holiday dinners. The cocktail calls for Plymouth Gin with cranberry juice. There’s also a mocktail version (sans gin, of course) suitable for younger and non-drinking folks.

2. Christmas Margarita  

Tequila lovers will dig the Christmas Margarita. It differs from the original version because it has more layers to offer. The base is very similar to an actual margarita (lime, tequila, and orange liquor), but you throw in some cranberry juice and coconut milk to make the drink more festive. You can also add sugared cranberries for a more Christmas-y finish.

3. Santa’s Whiskey Flip  

Cinnamon as a flavor is a Christmas holiday staple. Therefore, it’s no surprise to find it on this list of Christmas cocktail ideas. Create a festive drink with it by adding a decent amount to a glass of bourbon. Voila! You’ve got yourself a cinnamon whiskey! Don’t stop there, however. Add egg, cream, and amaretto to make the drink more appetizing.

4. Grinch  

The Grinch may not love Christmas, but you’ll love the drink named after him. One of the most straightforward Christmas cocktail recipes, you probably won’t have to rush to the grocery store to find the ingredients for this drink. It’s a basic Midori sour with a melon twist.

5. Spiced Silver Bell  

Another Tequila made it onto the list! It seems unusual to drink Tequila over the Christmas season because it doesn’t really have the most “merry” feel, but add some spiced cranberry syrup and ginger beer, and you’ve got yourself a delicious silver tequila Christmas drink.

6. Rum Eggnog  

Suppose you’re looking for something more traditional. Prepare five ingredients: port wine, rum, simple syrup, nutmeg, and of course, an egg. The first two ingredients can set you back a pretty penny but are worth it if you want to serve tasty, classic Christmas cocktails.

7. White Christmas Dream  

Not everyone can experience a white Christmas, but everyone can indeed taste one with this ambrosial drink that doubles as a dessert. Its silky texture perfectly matches the amaretto and nutmeg flavors in vodka.

8. Christmas Mule  

Are you running out of Christmas cocktail ideas? Grab a Moscow Mule, ginger beer, and pear vodka to stir up a hot cocktail drink to warm your winter days and nights. Top off the drink with a cinnamon stick for a warming final touch.

9. Poinsettia Punch  

Cinnamon syrup, allspice, and gin — what more can you ask for? A lot more. Level up your punch with Chambord and three variations of cocktail bitters for more flavor. After all, updating classic Christmas cocktail recipes won’t hurt anyone.

10. Christmas Mimosa  

The Christmas mimosa boasts of playful flavors that may be a little too much for brunch but perfect for the festive season. Using cranberry and pomegranate as a base, your sparkling wine won’t ever be the same. Top the drink off with a rosemary sprig.

11. Holiday Hopper  

One of the most unexpected Christmas cocktail recipes, this oddball drink is made with creamy mint chocolate and sweet melon. Surprisingly, it’s a delicious Christmas martini that deserves at least one try.

12. Holiday Spice  

Looking for something with an extra kick? This cocktail can chase the cold weather away with its creamy coconut mixed with a pineapple taste. It’ll feel like you’re having Christmas in the tropics. Don’t forget to throw in milk, egg, and coconut vodka, then top it with nutmeg, cinnamon, and allspice.

What is a good Christmas cocktail? Anything from comforting warm drinks to tropical beverages laced with seasonal flavors! It’s up to you to decide. Don’t just rely on the classics for your holiday parties! There are plenty of new recipes you can look into and we have everything you need at Village Warehouse Wines and Spirits. We are the best liquor store in Avon, Colorado. Visit us soon and let’s start planning for Christmas!

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