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6 Festive Cocktails to Shake Up Any Celebration

Christmas parties, birthdays, and family reunions – these gatherings would not be complete without bonding through drinks. Whatever the occasion, people look forward to drinking their favorite festive cocktails and punches. For example,  preparing the best Christmas drinks for a holiday party are as much a staple of the season as decorating our houses with Christmas trees and lights.

If you are looking for some festive cocktail recipes for your next party, here are some festive cocktails that have stood the test of time and would surely brighten any celebration.

Popular Festive Cocktail Recipes


Traditionally made with cream, sugar, milk, egg whites, and egg yolks, eggnog can be made more fun and delicious by adding in some booze. Eggnog is easy to make and the ingredients are readily available in supermarkets or grocery stores as compared to other festive cocktails. There are also several festive cocktail recipes for eggnog online, even including non-alcoholic and vegan options. It’s no wonder eggnog has long been part of holiday traditions across the world.

Tom and Jerry Cocktail

Since we’ve already mentioned milk and how well it mixes into festive cocktails, why not try another superb cocktail that has milk in it? Made with warm milk and shots of brandy and rum, the Tom and Jerry cocktail is the perfect social drink when reminiscing and catching up with family and friends that you don’t see very often. Such an easy and effortless drink to make gives you more time to bond and socialize.

Hot Buttered Rum

Holiday nights can sometimes be cold. As such, one of the best Christmas drinks would be hot buttered rum. It provides a boozy, warm, and comforting feeling. There are many possible festive cocktail recipes for hot buttered rum, but the most common ones are made with hot water, sugar, butter, other optional spices, and, of course, rum. Some even add ice cream to their hot buttered rum to add more creaminess to the drink. While you can use any rum for hot buttered rum festive cocktails, a Jamaican or blackstrap rum would be the best way to go.

Wine Cocktails

Of course, who would ever forget about wine? Wine is good for any occasion, and is used in some of the best festive cocktail recipes, like mulled wine and sangria.

With a mix of red wine, brandy, and some holiday spices, mulled wine is the perfect winter drink when dining by candlelight or sitting by the fire. Sangria, on the other hand, with its cool mix of red wine, berries, and citrus makes a refreshing summer treat.

English Christmas Punch

From its name alone, you can surely deduce that this is one of those festive cocktails that should be included on your Christmas table. But this drink is perfect for any occasion. The English Christmas Punch boasts of a delicious blend of flavors which includes red wine, dark rum, tea, and citrus, giving it a vibrant flavor that is perfect for any holiday celebration.


Of all the festive cocktails we have listed so far, Wassail probably has the longest history. Wassail started out as a verb in the Medieval Period that the hosts would shout when taking a drink with partygoers (similar to a toast). It later became associated with drunk Christmas carolers. In addition to its historical significance, Wassail is a warm festive cocktail filled with diverse aromatic spices depending on which festive cocktail recipe you choose.

Throughout the world, drinking during special occasions has surely become an integral part of celebrating with friends and family. That is why it should come as no surprise that there are hundreds of options for festive cocktails available as well as diverse festive cocktail recipes with rich histories and traditions. If you’re looking for a Vail, Colorado liquor store for some booze to spice up the festive cocktails for your next celebration, come visit us at Village Warehouse Wines and Spirits in Avon, CO. Expect to find a variety of high-quality options to choose from!