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6 Mistakes You Should Avoid When You Buy Wine as a Gift

When going to a party or a small dinner with friends, most people opt to bring a bottle of wine as a present. Giving wine as a gift seems like the easiest and most practical option for busy people because buying a bottle of wine is easier than picking out gifts or cooking food.

While this may be an easier option to many, choosing the best bottle of wine for a certain occasion is actually more complicated than it seems. Here are the most common mistakes people make with their wine purchase and how to avoid them.

1. Being Unprepared  

Before shopping for wine, one must already know exactly what they are going to buy. Always prepare and plan ahead when you buy your loved ones a bottle of wine because simply picking out a random wine can be a very bad decision on your part and may lead to gift-giving failure.

If you want your loved ones to be impressed by your present, do some research and find the best affordable wine in your area. There are a lot of blogs and recommendations online that will surely help with your decision. You can also buy wine online as there are a lot more options online than there are in stores.

2. Buying Wine Based on Appearance  

Picking a gift may sometimes be based on appearance and elegance, but that is not the case with wines. A luxurious bottle is not enough to describe the wine inside. Most of the time, the best wine you will ever drink is in a plain bottle. Learn to read the fine print to know more about the wine and its production, and choose based on what you read. You can buy all the elegant bottles of wine you want, but it’s those who read the label who will go home with the finest ones.

3. Purchasing Based on Price  

In an attempt to look fancy, most of us base our wine purchases on the price. Have a budget and do some research to find the nicest wine within your budget. Some people may think that the price of the wine is directly related to its quality, but there are actually a lot of other factors that contribute to the price of wines, like the production process, bottling materials, and taxes. Try to search for wines produced in lesser known places, and you will get yourself a better deal.

4. Brand Bias  

Famous brands can blindside people who are not used to buying wine. This may lead you to pay more than you can afford for a bottle of wine that has the same quality as those more affordable ones. In shopping for wine, it is helpful to be meticulous sometimes. Examine the famous brands to know where the wine was produced and what type of grapes it was made from. Find a unique brand from a lesser known region with a similar climate that uses the same grapes, and you will get the same quality wine at a more affordable price.

5. Ignoring Good Advice  

While shopping at a liquor store, most of us make the same mistake of ignoring advice from the store assistant. Always remember that these people know more than you do because they have worked and tasted more wine in their line of work. Ask a bunch of important questions and you will find yourself ending up buying the nicest wine within your budget.

Learn to educate yourself about what you are buying; asking for assistance is not a sign of weakness or ignorance. The shop assistants are there to help you in any way they can, and you can use that to your advantage.

6. Looking for Special Offers  

If you are one of those people who loves saving money, promos and special offers may be the most practical decision, but in shopping for wine, you must know that supermarkets use these special offers to sell all the bottles that have been in their stock for a long time.

If you want to purchase a good bottle of wine, don’t be distracted with all the price cuts and discounts. Spend more time looking through the labels, production process, and the type of grapes used for the wine. Get to know your wine before purchasing because you don’t want to seem cheap when giving away presents to family and friends.

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