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6 Ways to Better Enjoy Beer

Beer is the most common fermented beverage across the globe.

Yet, despite its popularity, many people don’t fully grasp how to drink it.

Drinking beer like a pro means knowing how to consume it best. Pay attention to these simple mistakes in the way you serve and drink a cold beer to elevate your next drink night.

1. Avoid Drinking Straight From the Bottle or Can

Drinking directly from the packaged container leaves insufficient room for the aromatics to escape. Not being able to fully smell the beer hinders its flavor profile. Instead, pour it into a glass to experience the brew’s intended aroma.

2. Avoid Pint Glasses

Beer isn’t meant to be drunk from pint glasses. Although establishments use them because they are difficult to break and inexpensive, holding one in your hands warms the beer, worsening the taste.

The best alternative to pint glasses is wine glasses you can swirl — specifically, red wine glasses for dark beer and white wine glasses for light beer.

3. Store It Properly

How you store beer affects its aroma and taste. In general, you need to keep beer in a cool, dry, and dark place to preserve its richness. This is because sunlight affects beer’s freshness and warps its scent.

When chilling beers, keep them away from the freezer and don’t store them for too long. They age quickly, so leaving them in the cold while you wait for that perfect moment will likely alter the way it tickles your taste buds.

The best way to store beer in the refrigerator is to keep it inside for about ten minutes in an upright position before drinking it.

4. Clean Your Glasses

Using a clean glass, rinsed in cool water and open-air-dried, is a rule of thumb if you plan to drink a beer. You can also dip the container in cold water before serving.

Minute residue left unwashed can ruin your drinking experience. Harsh-smelling soap and overused drying towels can also leave a foul smell and taste that sticks to your glass.

5. Avoid Ice-Cold Beer

In contrast to advertisements featuring ice-cold booze, some beers are best served just above room temperature. You can’t fully taste the beer if your tongue is half-frozen.

Before you drink a cold beer, let it sit on the countertop for at least ten minutes after taking it out of the fridge. The ideal temperature is around 44 degrees Fahrenheit. Other drinks, like the malt-forward Imperial stouts and doppelbocks, are best enjoyed around 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

6. Try Beer Mixed Drinks

Beer is undoubtedly great on its own. Still, given the numerous styles and crafted brews in the industry, beer is one of the most popular bases for mixed drinks. Although beer mixed drinks are not cocktails as many do not contain liquor, many people still place them under the same umbrella.

Try these effortless beer cocktail recipes to start:


This Mexican beer cocktail offers an irresistible taste, is easy to mix, and is excellent for any occasion. It combines Mexican beer (or any light lager) with a refreshing splash of lime juice. While optional, the drink is then topped with a rim of coarse salt or Tajin seasoning.

Black Velvet

This beer mixed drink features a fascinating combination of beer and wine — specifically champagne and dark stout. These two are mixed in equal ratios, transforming into a refreshing glass of bubbling dark chocolate and coffee, with hints of light fruity champagne.

Summer Shandy

A tall, refreshing glass of Shandy is perfect for the summer. Originating from Europe, this British beer cocktail recipe is a spectacular blend of beer and lemonade (or lemon soda). The more beer you add, the better the flavor becomes — just avoid going too dark or heavy.

Occasions To Enjoy Beer

While many need no reason to drink beer, some moments go best with a cold one in hand:

1. After Work

After a hard day’s work, it’s nice to unwind once in a while with a cold beer in hand. Being able to drink a beer to de-stress is practically a ritual for some.

Whether you’re planning to celebrate at home or toasting with peers, a cold beer offers instant satisfaction.

2. On the First Date

First dates can be nerve-wracking. It would help if you had something to break the ice, something to bring out your presentable, sociable, intelligent, and witty side without coming off wrong. A nice cold beer is all it takes. It’ll help you calm down and find the confidence and charm of a smooth talker while having fun and enjoying the experience all the same. If you want to make a memorable first impression, drink a beer — but not too much!

3. During Special Life Events

Whether it’s your birthday, a promotion, an anniversary, or the like, no celebration is complete without a pack of beer ready on hand. Small wins, like revamping your wardrobe or meeting new friends, are also great reasons to celebrate.

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