8 Best Whiskey Mixers You Must Try That Aren’t Soda or Ginger Ale
8 Best Whiskey Mixers You Must Try That Aren’t Soda or Ginger Ale

8 Best Whiskey Mixers You Must Try That Aren’t Soda or Ginger Ale

Many enjoy whiskey because of its depth of flavor, with some preferring it neat, but it is versatile and can be mixed with other ingredients. It can be sweet, savory, spicy, or smoky, depending on your tastes.

While there is nothing wrong with the usual whiskey and ginger ale recipe, others want unique and bolder choices. Making whiskey mixers at home is easy, as there are several simple and delicious ingredients you can add aside from sugary soda and ginger.

We’ve listed some of the best whiskey mixers that can suit every drinker’s character and style. Feel free to check this quick guide:

1. Lemonade

Who doesn’t love a sweet and tangy flavored drink? Lemonade is very refreshing, especially during summer! When you spike it with bourbon, this childhood favorite can turn into an adult backyard barbecue staple!

If you are having a get-together with family and friends who could use a nice cooldown cocktail, just pour two ounces of whiskey into a glass filled with ice and top with lemonade to taste.

You can even add muddled fruits like blueberries or blackberries for a little more sweetness and flavor!

2. Sweet Vermouth

While shopping for the perfect sweet vermouth can be a real challenge, it’s worth your time and effort! Once you find a bottle that you love, simply add one part of it with two parts whiskey and viola, and you’ve got a Manhattan!

Add a dash of bitters to give it more depth and distinction. While Manhattans are originally made with rye, you can try bourbon if you like a sweeter version of the cocktail.

3. Apple Cider

Come fall, one of the best whiskey mixers you can use is freshly pressed apple cider. Its zesty juice complements whiskey’s oaky notes and caramel sweetness. While you can heat it to make it a comforting hot-tail, this likewise tastes amazing on warmer days if you serve it chilled.

4. Coffee

Who would have thought that this breakfast champion can be added to liquor to make cocktails for parties?

One of the best things to mix with whiskey is Irish coffee. While we are used to sweetening it with simple syrup, topped with whipped cream, you can use any whiskey of your choice to spike this caffeinated drink.

A favorite whiskey cocktail recipe is a mixture of 2 ounces of bourbon with equal parts hot chocolate and coffee.

If you want something bolder, try adding smoky scotch, frothy egg white, and black lime syrup to your coffee!

5. Amaro

If you have ever tried throwing a dash of bitters into your old-fashioned whiskey cocktail recipes, you know how great it is to use a bitter Italian Amaro as a mixer! However, no two Amari are alike, so you may need to experiment to find the best combination for you.

Others suggest mixing whiskey with the bittersweet Amaro Averna to create the “Black Manhattan,” while some love Cynar’s vegetal earthiness with their Scotch.

6. Hot Tea

If you need something to perk you up when you are under the weather, add a touch of whiskey to your favorite tea! You may also include a little lemon, honey, and a dash of cinnamon.

7. Maple Syrup

Bourbon also pairs well with maple syrup. You only need a few drops of it and some fresh lemon juice.

8. Fruit Juices

You might be shocked, but orange juice is one of the best whiskey mixers! If you want something less acidic than lemon or lime, try this fruit!

Grapefruit is also underrated but it can add a unique twist to your drink without overpowering it!

As you have noticed, making whiskey mixers at home can be done successfully using just about any juices, peach included. Cranberry makes perfect whiskey cocktail recipes too! From these tantalizing flavor combinations to a bounty of health benefits of whiskey when taken moderately, it isn’t hard to see why it is a favorite liquor among drinkers worldwide. If you need a bottle, drop by our shop at Village Warehouse Wines and Spirits, the best Avon, Colorado liquor store and pick your favorite!

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