Cheers to 6 Tequila Health Benefits!

Cheers to 6 Tequila Health Benefits!

Did you know that drinking tequila cocktails may be good for your health? By no means do we endorse binge drinking. To get the best tequila health benefits, you have to drink in moderation. 

What Is Tequila Made From? 

Do you ever sip on a margarita and wonder: what is tequila made from? It’s made with blue agave, which is widely grown in the highlands of Jalisco in Mexico. One has to wait approximately 7 years for an agave to mature. 

Farmers harvest their succulents by removing the leaves and exposing their hearts or piñas. These piñas are sent off to a distillery. They are baked in special ovens to convert starches into sugar. Shredding and pressing of the piñas are both necessary to release all the sugar. Many producers add yeast to speed up the fermentation process. This juice ferments for up to 4 days before being distilled to get the minimum alcohol content required by law. From here, the tequila is aged or bottled. 

Unfortunately, not all tequila bottles are made equal. In Mexico, it may only be made using blue Weber agave. However, in the US, regulations allow tequila to be made with as little as 51% agave supplement with other sugar sources. 

To get the best tequila health benefits, always look for tequila that is made from 100% agave.

Here’s how drinking tequila cocktails can help boost your health. 

1. It Is Good for Your Bones  

Another question probably comes to mind: how does tequila make your bones stronger? Mexican researchers have tested the effects of agave fructans, a naturally occurring form of fructose, on bone growth in mice. Aside from increased calcium absorption, they also found that less calcium was excreted in the feces. There was also a 20% increase in the protein osteocalcin, which is essential in the development of new bone tissues.  

Other studies mentioned increased magnesium absorption too! Calcium and magnesium are essential minerals that help prevent the development of brittle or fragile bones, thus reducing one’s risk of osteoporosis. 

2. It Aids Digestion  

Are you fond of drinking tequila cocktails after having a full meal? Evidence shows it may actually be a good practice. The agave plant used to make tequila contains high amounts of inulin. This helps grow good gut bacteria, making tequila a good drink for digestion. 

3. It Is a Low-Calorie Option, Good for Weight Loss 

Experts have studied the possible relationship between tequila and weight loss. With only 60 cal per shot, compared to over 160 cal in a glass of wine, tequila is definitely a healthier option. Its natural fructose, agavins, also eliminates the need to add sugary mixers, which may contribute to weight gain. Agavins’ less refined molecular structure does not increase blood sugar levels, which is yet another common risk factor for obesity. 

4. It Prevents Type 2 Diabetes 

Are you a diabetic? When was the last time you had a glass of spirit? Unless otherwise specified by your doctor, you can enjoy 1 to 2 shots of tequila from time to time!

Its fructans are non-digestible and they act as a fiber. You tend to eat less because they help you feel full. The sugars in tequila remain undigested in the body, thus preventing dangerous blood sugar spikes. Evidence also shows that this can stimulate insulin production. With all these claims, tequila and diabetes may not be a bad combination after all! 

5. It Treats Insomnia 

Thanks to the relaxing benefits of tequila cocktails, you can now sleep better. While it is not recommended to depend on any substance for sleep, especially alcohol, the occasional drinking of tequila is good to help you snooze! 

6. It Is a Cold Buster 

Next time you think about reaching an antihistamine for a cold, try pouring tequila in a small shot glass. This isn’t a new fad. Mexican doctors were prescribing tequila as a treatment for the common cold during the 30’s. It’s a mixture of tequila Blanco, agave nectar, and lime. 

Lime is an excellent source of vitamin C. Agave is believed to be helpful in soothing sore throats. Tequila, being alcohol, can act as an antibacterial solution. If it is widely acceptable to drink hot toddy, which is a warm cup of whiskey, lemon, cloves, honey, and cinnamon, for a cold, so why not tequila?

Again, too much alcohol is never healthy, but if you are inclined to have just 1 to 2 shots once in a while, tequila might not be such a bad choice. What are you waiting for? Visit Village Warehouse Wines and Spirits, an Avon, Colorado Liquor Store, to replenish your stash and enjoy more tequila health benefits!