"> Drink Like a Pirate, Live Longer with Rum Cocktails
Drink Like a Pirate, Live Longer with Rum Cocktails

Drink Like a Pirate, Live Longer with Rum Cocktails

Rum was mostly associated with seafarers in the early days. This old spirit represents the Caribbean culture and British naval history.

Why? Consuming rum used to bring consolation to plenty of sailors and war veterans back then, especially during weeks and months-long sojourns across the Atlantic and the gulf.

Now that you know a bit of rum’s history, let’s talk about the health benefits of drinking rum in moderation:

1. Improves heart health  

Drinking rum in moderation can do wonders for your heart. One of the greatest rum health benefits is strengthening your heart and lowering your cholesterol levels. For people at risk for peripheral artery disease, rum is an excellent choice of drink with its blood-thinning properties. By extension, you can prevent potential heart attacks and the development of certain heart diseases.

2. Eases sore muscles

Active gym-goers will revel in the fact that rum can reduce muscle pain after hours of rigorous training. It also helps to prevent myalgia by enhancing bone minerals in the body. Consequently, there’s less possibility of preventing osteoporosis and other bone disorders. It also relieves arthritis. When you have strong bones, you’ll have strong muscles.

3. Keeps scurvy at bay  

Historically, scurvy was a deadly condition and a limiting factor in sea travel, especially when travelling great distances. It’s caused by Vitamin C deficiency and has symptoms of weakness, excessive tiredness, and sore extremities. Without intervention, it progresses to lower red blood cells and bleeding from the skin. One of the earliest-recorded health benefits of drinking rum was its ability to fight off scurvy. The British Navy used it to stay safe. They also recommended people with low immunity to drink a peg of rum or two, by land or by sea.

4. Combats common cold and sore throat  

If you drink a small glass of rum, you’ll experience immediate relief from a sore throat. That has to do with rum’s anti-bacterial properties, which is also responsible for fighting a cold. Some people recommend consuming one or two tablespoons of rum daily until your cold disappears.

5. Works as an antiseptic  

Aside from being an anti-bacterial, rum’s also an antiseptic. Should you accidentally nick yourself and there’s no antiseptic in sight, just grab a bottle of rum! Use it to clean your wound to inhibit bacterial growth. At the same time, it mitigates pain in the injury site.

6. Fights off diabetes  

Perhaps one of the most promising health benefits of drinking rum is its ability to lower blood sugar. It contains medicinal properties that reduce the risk of contracting diabetes. Spirits, such as rum, don’t have many carbs, so they don’t increase blood sugar values significantly. However, drinking rum cocktails is a totally different story and requires you to be more mindful of your consumption if you’re diabetic.

7. Might help to reduce cancer risks  

Plenty of studies have pointed out how drinking rum moderately can decrease the chances of developing various types of cancer, namely lymphoma, kidney cancer, and thyroid cancer. If these are proven right, it may just be one of the most significant health benefits of drinking rum.

8. Lessens stress and anxiety  

Feeling anxious lately? Feeling stressed about almost everything? A moderate serving of rum can save you from your blues. If you grab a drink near bedtime, it will help you get some restful sleep. That’s on top of calming your jitters with its warming properties.

9. Decreases the risk of mental health issues  

When taken in a reasonable quantity, which is a maximum of one and a half ounces daily, rum can help stop the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in its tracks. Still, you need to be extra cautious. If you drink more than the recommended value, it can spell trouble for your mental health.

10. Clears skin

One of the rum health benefits that has nothing to do with drinking is its function as a secret beauty tool. If you have acne-prone skin, prepare a solution with 1 part rum and 2 parts rose water. Place it on your affected zones and rinse with water after 10 minutes. Add this to your skincare routine for ongoing results.

Rum has numerous health benefits. Since it contains zero fats and carbohydrates, it has no negative impact on the heart, cholesterol, and sugar levels. It even helps in de-stressing individuals who are under a lot of pressure. Remember that the key term here is MODERATE. When taken in moderation, you can enjoy all of rum’s incredible nutritional advantages.What are you waiting for? Grab your favorite rum now! If you are looking for a liquor store in Avon, Colorado, come visit us at Village Warehouse Wines and Spirits.