Is Whiskey Good for Your Health?

Is Whiskey Good for Your Health?

For most people, drinking alcohol after a long day is a simple way to relax and enjoy life. In fact, there are several often tasty alcoholic beverages that you can choose from. One such drink that people enjoy during their relaxation nights is a perfect blend of whiskey. However, the first thing most people ask, as with any alcoholic beverage: Is whiskey good for your health?

While people tend not to know the health benefits of drinking whiskey, there are actually several you can derive from it. This means you can enjoy your next night of drinking without worrying about your health, provided you don’t go overboard. Below, we have pulled together some benefits of drinking whiskey. Commit them to memory, but remember it comes with a reminder not to drink to excess. Pass it along to anyone you know that has doubts as to the health benefits of whiskey.

Why Drink Whiskey: 6 Health Benefits of Whiskey

1. Reduces Stress

One of the most common benefits of drinking whiskey or any alcoholic beverage is the reduction in your stress levels. This is why many are drinking after a long and tiring day. Drinking whiskey in moderation is known to help in calming your nerves and is best for people who are suffering from anxiety. However, it is important to note that while it can be a good way to relieve stress, you should not become dependent on alcohol as your main stress reliever, as this can lead to alcohol abuse.

2. Decreases the Risk of Dementia

Drinking one to six servings of whiskey per week can help in lowering the risk of dementia and can help with other memory loss problems caused by aging. Further, those who drink whiskey in moderation are better at memory retention as compared to those who drink in large quantities.

3. Helps in Controlling the Risk of Diabetes

For those who are at risk of diabetes, whiskey can be good for you. It has been shown that drinking whiskey in moderate amounts can reduce the risk of diabetes by 40%. This is because one of the health benefits of whiskey is improving your body’s ability to regulate its sugar levels, given that all of the simple sugars in your whiskey are easy to process.

4. Good for the Heart and Blood

For those with heart problems or at risk of heart problems, drinking in moderation is the key to enjoying the health benefits of whiskey. Studies show that moderate consumption can lead to a 25% to 40% decline in the risk of heart disease or stroke. Further, a glass of whiskey can not only calm your blood circulation but can also raise the good cholesterol in your blood, which will serve as protection from heart disease.

5. Promotes Weight Loss

You’re probably wondering how an alcoholic beverage can make you lose weight. Before you get too excited, do not think that drinking whiskey by itself will make you lose weight. However, one of the benefits of drinking whiskey is that it is fairly lower in calories and sugar, and it contains very little sodium and no fat at all. This means that switching to drinking whiskey from beverages like beer or sugary cocktails will help you trim calories, sugar intake, and more.

6. Effective Against the Common Cold

Common colds are very troubling and uncomfortable to most, especially when all you want to do is relax and rest. Luckily, you can enjoy your blend of whiskey even if you have colds. In fact, whiskey expands your blood vessels, allowing your mucous membranes to fight the infection faster and easier, helping your cold clear up faster. Drinking a glass of whiskey before sleeping can contribute to a good night’s sleep and help you wake up refreshed and feeling better.

Much like any other alcoholic beverage, drinking whiskey in moderation can provide you with several health benefits and reduces the risk of multiple diseases. At Village Warehouse Wines and Spirits, the best Avon, Colorado Liquor Store, we have a wide variety of the best blends of whiskey for you to enjoy. Drop by our store today, or visit our website to choose from our quality drinks and place an order!