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The Best Wine Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

Many people at Christmas are afraid of choosing gifts, and they keep putting off the decision until it’s already too late.

It’s never easy to choose the “right” present, especially when you have to give it to someone you don’t know very well like your boss, colleagues, or a friends’ partner.

Fortunately, it seems like a gift that always works is wine! It suits nearly all occasions.

Wine is normally enjoyed in company. It warms the body and the soul, making everyone a lot jollier. Having a bottle of wine on the table also adds that extra touch of conviviality.

It is also a great last-minute purchase! If the price is a problem, there are several varieties of wines that can suit all budgets. If you can manage to buy directly at a winery, the price drops even further.

But how will you know which is the best wine to give as a gift? Let’s narrow down your choices by thinking about the person or occasion you are buying for or your intention.

To get the party started

Never arrive at a party empty-handed, and if you’re bringing a magnum of wine upon arrival, you are sure to get re-invited! A magnum bottle, which is twice the standard 750 ml bottles, makes your host more at ease knowing that there’s plenty to go round! Always choose something that’s easy to drink to appeal to most of the guests.

To thank your host

Most dinner guests bring their own bottle of wine, but they may all go unopened as the host most likely has already planned which wine will go best with the food they’re serving. Help your wine stand out from the crowd! The best wine gifts come with notes like “For your cellar” or “Enjoy this later.”

However, if you truly want your wine to be enjoyed by everyone at the table, opt to buy one that goes well with different dishes. White wine is a good choice as it is not overpoweringly dry and not as weighty as red wine.

For the wine connoisseur

The best gifts for wine lovers are those that are unexpected. Go for Barolo and Brunello from Italy. These varieties are unique and more difficult to find than the wines made from more common grapes, making them much more exciting than the usual Napa Cab. Spanish Tempranillo-based blends are also the best wine gifts for those who like red, peppery, and spicy wines.

If your recipient is more into sweet style wines, give him or her a bottle of 2011 Port. This is a vintage for this variety. Many Spanish fortified wine blends from the 80s are also being released now. These sappy wines made from sherry have aged for the last 20 to 30 years, making them the best wine to give as a gift for a friend who has a sweet tooth.

For the new neighbor

Thinking of the best wine to give as a gift to your new neighbor? There are several stunning wines that look and taste far more expensive than their tags! The highly regarded Château Poujeaux, Moulis 2011 proves that exquisite wine does not have to be very expensive.

For the starter collector  

Price is not a factor when buying a wine for the starter collector. Rieslings remain undervalued but are amazingly complex when aged. Look for a red from Bourgueil or Chinon.

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