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Indulge in bottles of wine, spirits, and beer fermented to perfection.

Whether it’s a simple family gathering or celebratory event for a remarkable milestone, every occasion deserves something special—like a good glass of liquor. From the fruity yet smooth texture of wines to the dry yet strong flavor of spirits, a sip of the finest bottles can make every moment memorable.

With the wide selection of finely curated bottles to choose from, it can be challenging to find the perfect liquor that fits a certain occasion or event. At Village Warehouse Wine & Spirits, our friendly team can help you find exceptional bottles of the best type, quality, and presentation.

Our Avon liquor store carries top-quality spirits, wines, beers, and other liquors handpicked from some of the best sources around the globe. From America’s favorite craft beers and the world’s rare wine collections to unique gluten-free ale, our wide selection of Avon liquors has everything to elevate all types of celebration.

Who We Are

Village Warehouse Wine & Spirits is a trusted liquor store in Avon, CO, founded in 2006. Pete Cucia, the passionate owner and manager, has been in the alcohol beverage industry for more than three decades. He is committed to offering world-class bottles to the residents and tourists in the Centennial State.

Our full-service liquor store in Colorado houses a broad array of products, including wines, spirits, and beers. We continuously add high-quality bottles to our collection, so you will never run out of drinks to choose from. More than two decades of being in the industry allow us to understand the best products for our clients’ various needs.

What Matters To Us

At Village Warehouse Wine & Spirits, we believe that every occasion is best paired with great bottles of liquors. Our Avon liquor store offers all of the convenience, knowledge, attention to detail, and expertise you need to get your hands on the finest products you cannot find anywhere else.

By making social responsibility our priority, we encourage our customers to drink responsibly. We strictly comply with the local policies and regulations, so we do not allow minors or already intoxicated people to purchase any product from our Avon liquor store.

What We Offer

Our Avon liquor store houses a broad array of various wines, spirits, and beers from various regions across the world. To complete every special moment, we offer whiskeys, bourbons, tequilas, scotches, vodkas, and other liquors. We also display a large selection of locally produced products.

Besides offering the best Avon liquors, we are also glad to share our expertise. Should you need any advice in choosing the bottles that suit your budget and preferences, our experienced team will be happy to walk you through our selection. Whether you need liquors for a day on the mountain or a simple night at home, we can help you.

How We Do It

As the most trusted liquor store in Avon, CO, we pride ourselves on providing the most exceptional drinks for the sommeliers and liquor gurus at heart. We make sure that every bottle we introduce to you is properly assessed for flavor, quality, texture, and aroma.

Our team works tirelessly to cure a collection of the most exquisite products and invest in the rarest specialty bottles from around the world. With our strong partnership with multiple importers, producers, and wholesalers, we remain one of the best Colorado liquor stores that offer a stellar liquor selection at reasonable pricing.


Customers Feedback

Great selection good prices.
- Rodeo C
Huge selection of wines (chilled and unchilled) and a solid selection of Colorado beers. Great, friendly and knowledgeable staff.
- Jason H
Knowledgeable about local beers and NE pale ales of the area. Easy parking.
- Pasquale E

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If you have questions or concerns about our products, feel free to call our expert team or fill out our contact form online. Our Colorado liquor store hours are from 10 AM to 9 PM, Monday through Saturday. Our office is only open from 12 PM to 8 PM on Sundays.