Liquor Store in the Vail, CO, Area

Special events wouldn’t be complete without the right set of drinks to highlight your occasion.

It’s no secret that drinking liquor is meant to be a social experience. In fact, the best conversations happen with a good beverage in hand. While you may already have a scrumptious set of food laid out on the table, enhance your event by choosing the perfect drink to match your shared meals.

When it comes to choosing the best drinks, you need to consider many things to make sure your guests have a great time. While elegant glassware helps make an excellent first impression, it’s always the taste that counts.

Don’t worry. Choosing the right drink is a breeze with the help of liquor experts at our full-service liquor store. Not only will you get a fine drink to go, but you’ll also leave the store with some helpful advice on improving your beer drinking experience.                                                                                                             

If you’re looking for the best neighboring Vail, Colorado, liquor store, head down to our store in Avon, CO. Village Warehouse Wine & Spirits is one of the most popular liquor stores in the Vail, CO, area, just a few minutes away from Edwards and Vail.

What To Enjoy at Our Liquor Store Near Vail, CO

A Wide Variety of Choices

With thousands of wines housed in our shop, we can help you select a perfect bottle for every occasion. We also have an entire wall dedicated to spirits like whiskey, vodka, and more. While we boast some of the best brands you may know and like, we can easily find you a good rum, tequila, or gin to enjoy over ice or with your cocktail of choice. If you are a beer drinker, you will be happy to see our stocks too. Do you like lager or ale? Whichever you choose, our beer department has the latest products and discoveries in the craft beer industry.

Affordable Prices

We at Village Warehouse Wine & Spirits are enthusiastic about wines, beers, and spirits, and we know that many people feel the same way. Therefore, we aim to provide the best selections at affordable costs. With the help of our exceptional associations with makers, shippers, and wholesalers, not to mention our enormous purchasing force, we get significant savings, which we pass on to our customers.

Competent Service

Our team head, Pete Cuccia, regularly partakes in wine samplings and other workshops.

If possible, we meet our makers, especially local brewers, to find out more about their products firsthand. Our goal is to ensure that every patron has an exceptional buying experience.

Expert Advice

Do you need expert advice for wine? Whether you are a newbie or a long-time enthusiast, we want to make you feel confident and comfortable exploring our shop and selecting the drinks you prefer.

Get the Best-Tasting Drinks With Us

Let us help you and your guests have the best time at your next get-together.
We make it fun and stress-free to pick wines, beers, and spirits that are perfect for your event. Start browsing our extensive selection of wine, liquor, and spirits online and learn why we are considered by many as the best liquor store in the Vail, Colorado, area. If you find yourself in Avon, stop by our shop.

Customers Feedback

Great selection good prices
Rodeo C
Knowledgeable about local beers and NE pale ales of the area. Easy parking.
Pasquale E
Huge selection of wines (chilled and unchilled) and a solid selection of Colorado beers. Great, friendly and knowledgeable staff.
- Jason H