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Special occasions wouldn’t be complete without the right drinks.

It’s no secret that drinking liquor is a social experience. The best conversations can happen with a good beverage in hand. Enhance your event by choosing the perfect drink with our full-service Vail liquor store: Village Warehouse Wine & Spirits in Avon, CO.

Our sommeliers are ready to assist you in finding the spirit, beer, wine, or liquor that suits your special occasion. They will help you consider which alcohol complements your spread, number of guests, and event theme, while keeping your budget and preference in mind.

We take our claim as a great alternative to the usual Vail, CO, liquor store seriously. Our customers walk away from our store with great liquor and advice on improving their enjoyment of their bottles.

What To Enjoy at Our Liquor Store Vail

Village Warehouse Wine & Spirits remains one of the best liquor store near Vail, Colorado. With us, a glass of wine, a bottle of beer, or a few drops of spirits is unforgettable. 

1. A Wide Variety of Choices

With thousands of wines in our Vail liquor store, we can help you select the perfect bottle for every occasion. We also have an entire wall dedicated to spirits like whiskey, vodka, and more. While we boast some of the most well-known and popular brands, we also carry rum, tequila, gin, and other liquor from independent brands.

Prefer beers, lager, or ale? Our liquor store near Vail, Colorado also has a wide selection of established and craft beers from the Rockies’ best microbreweries.

2. Affordable Prices

We at Village Warehouse Wine & Spirits are enthusiastic about wines, beers, and spirits, and we know that many people feel the same way. That’s why we partnered with multiple breweries and wholesalers to deliver the best selection and prices to our customers.

3. Competent Service

Our team head, Pete Cuccia, regularly partakes in wine samplings and other workshops.

If possible, we meet our makers, especially local brewers, to find out more about their products firsthand. At our liquor store Vail, CO, we ensure that every patron gets the best bottle for their dollar.

4. Years of Industry Experience

Do you need expert advice for wine? Whether you’re a casual drinker or a connoisseurt, we want to make you feel confident and comfortable exploring our liquor store Vail and selecting the drinks you prefer.

Products We Offer

As a seasoned liquor store Vail, Colorado, we provide an extensive array of wines, beers, and spirits. We are your partner in making occasions memorable. As such, we continue to deliver high quality liquor for every milestone.

Here are our product offerings in our liquor store Vail, CO:

A good bottle of wine tickles your senses. The right wine variety can enhance the taste of paired meals, make conversations bubblier, and uplift the mood of any occasion. Wine exudes luxury and sophistication, and contributes to a well-balanced drinking experience.

Village Warehouse Wine & Spirits has a wide range of wine offerings. We have the right bottle for anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, weddings, and promotions. Celebrate every turning point of your life with us.

Here are some of the fine wines we have in our Vail liquor store:

  • Caymus Vineyards
  • Luigi Bosca
  • Whispering Angel
  • Silver Oak
  • Kendall-Jackson
  • Kim Crawford
  • Louis Jadot
  • Oyster Bay

Beer is a versatile liquor. With many flavors available, there’s something out there that’s sure to tickle your taste buds. Aside from its distinct taste and mouthfeel, beer can make anyone feel good after a stressful week at work.


As a reputable Vail liquor store, Village Warehouse Wine & Spirits carries a wide range of beers — both local and international. We strive to deliver something new and exciting to our patrons every time they visit.

Here are some famous beer brands at our dispensary:

  • Budweiser
  • Dogfish Head
  • Heineken
  • Stella Artois
  • Corona Extra
  • Guinness
  • White Claw Hard Seltzer
  • Coors

Spirits bring new flavors and a kick to the cocktails you love. Spirits are staples to home bars as they’re crucial to mixing the perfect drink. Every spirit has a unique flavor and can upgrade the taste of any alcoholic beverage.

At our Vail, CO liquor store, we have various brands of vodka, brandy, whiskey, rum, gin, tequila, and vodka. Impress your guests with your very own mixed drinks using our stock.

Here are some spirits we offer:

  • Bacardi Limited
  • Johnnie Walker
  • The Macallan
  • Casamigos Tequila
  • Crown Royal
  • Zacapa Rum
  • The Glenlivet
  • Maker’s Mark

Benefits of Moderate Alcohol Consumption

Our Avon-based, Vail, CO liquor store advocates drinking responsibly. Alcohol offers a great deal of benefits to the human body when consumed responsibly. Our staff at Village Warehouse Wine & Spirits promotes healthy drinking, and will give advice on how to drink moderately.

Here are some of the benefits of moderate alcohol consumption:

1. Good for the Heart

Moderate alcohol consumption topped off with a healthy diet lowers your chances of developing heart disease. Remember: everything should be in moderation. Improve your heart health one glass at a time from Village Warehouse Wine & Spirits.

2. Lowers Risk of Depression

A study shows wine drinking in moderation reduces the risk of depression between men and women aged 55 and 80. Heavy drinking, on the other hand, does the opposite.

3. Reduces Risk of Stroke

A study shows that light to moderate alcohol consumption lowers the likelihood of strokes in women. The study includes self-reported data of 83,578 women about their drinking habits. According to another study, in the event of a stroke, red wine has a component that may help protect the brain from significant damage.

4. Helps Strengthen Bones

Beer drinkers, raise your pints! Moderate consumption may increase bone density, as beer has silicon, an important component in improving bone matrix quality. Bone density is essential to preventing the development of osteoporosis.

A 2010 study shows the various silicon content of commercial beers. It also shows that the silicon that people consume is typically in one liter of beer. Depending on the type of beer, one may have more silicon than others. Stock up on quality beer from our liquor store near Vail.

Get the Best-Tasting Drinks In Our Liquor Store Vail

Let us help you and your guests have the best time at your next get-together.

We make picking liquor a fun and stress-free activity. Start browsing our extensive selection of wine, liquor, and spirits online, or stop by our shop in Avon and learn why we are considered by many as the best liquor store near Vail, CO.