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A Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Summer Wine for Every Activity

When we think of wine pairing, it is usually a match made with food. However, with summer, it’s different! We plan activities, parties, get-togethers! The wine you like to drink while lounging at the pool, which is often a summer rosé wine, will not be a good option on a cool beach night, right? 

To improve our summer wine drinking game, we have researched some of the best types and brands of wine you can pair with your favorite summer activity. Here’s our cheat sheet! 

Pool Day  

Day drinking in summer means rosé! The freshness and crispness of this type of wine is perfect for a sunny summer day! There are several brands available to match every individual’s needs. 

When looking for the perfect summer rosé wine, you have to remember a few things: 

  • Fruity wines aren’t always sweet.
  • There is nothing to fear about dry rosés. The dryness adds to their crispness. 
  • The age of the bottle is important. While other wines get more delicious as they age, rosé wines are best consumed within a year or two after production. Aging them too much will lose their best qualities, especially acidity and crispness. 

You can always grab something affordable and cheerful, but an upgrade is almost always worth it. Here are some of the best brands you must try: 

Provence Rosé 

Provence is well-known for its rosés. Their crispness and refreshing nature are perfect for summer sipping!

Sangiovese Rosé 

The bright copper color of this wine from melons, peach, and rose is the perfect pair for a Mediterranean meal on a summer night. 

Grenache Rosé 

This wine blends tannins and acidity well. Best served iced, this is perfect for hot sunny days.

Bonfire on the Beach  

The beach cools down at night, so you might want a bottle of red wine if you sit down at the fireside. Heavy, full-bodied red wines are not recommended during summer because of the risk of dehydration. Instead, look for red wines that are more acidic, taste great when chilled, and have low tannin levels. These three important qualities go well with warm weather. 

However, not all red wines taste good when chilled, so choose wisely. Lighter-bodied red wines with low tannin levels are also crisper. Here are our recommendations for the best red wine for summer

Pinot Noir 

Cool-climate pinot noirs are very popular during summer! These are fruit-driven and best consumed with some barbeque. 


If you like the taste of fresh berries tossed in a blender, this wine is perfect for you. Its acidity pairs well with the floral notes. This is a must-have on your next boating tour! 


With its low tannin levels, the main selling point of this wine is its freshness rather than an overwhelming flavor. This is best served lightly chilled.


When there is seafood, there should be white wine! During summer, look for the perfect brand to mix into a spritzer to create some of the best wine cocktails for summer. Look for the following qualities:

  • Light to medium body
  • Dry taste
  • High acidity

The best summer white wines should have a good bite to them, making them perfect for cream-based and seafood cuisine. 


Do you want your wine to be sweet or dry? Riesling is one of the most aromatic wines available! It pairs well with several dishes. 

Pinot Grigio 

This variety of wine is often made in France and Italy. Depending on where it was made, the flavors may vary significantly. The acidity of these drinks pairs well with seafood. 

Sauvignon Blanc 

This is perhaps the most popular summer white wine. Spicy, creamy, and both soft and acidic. What else could you ask for? 


Sweet and sour is what best describes this brand. After a long day jam-packed with activities, you deserve at least one glass of this Austrian wine. 

At Village Warehouse Wines and Spirits, a nearby Vail, CO liquor store, we strive to provide our clients with the best wines they crave every season. We definitely have all the best options for all your summer activities! See you at the shop!