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5 New Year's Drinking Resolutions for Liquor Lovers

5 New Year’s Drinking Resolutions for Liquor Lovers

The holidays provided a perfect opportunity to bask in a drinking spree. After all, holidays are meant for celebratory dinners and a break from work. If you are one of those liquor lovers, for sure you enjoyed a bottle or two of your favorite drink.

The new year might be an excellent opportunity for liquor lovers to try new things – like a new liquor blend. Here are some common new year’s drinking resolutions that liquor lovers tend to do after the holiday season.

1. Trying Out New Stuff

Liquor lovers, particularly wine connoisseurs, tend to be loyal to their preferred brand or type of liquor. If you are one of them, challenge yourself to try other alcoholic beverages. If you are the type of person with an exclusive taste for sauvignon blanc or other types of white wine, you may want to get out of that comfort zone and try a more potent beverage like red wine, specifically the Primitivo with its high alcohol content.

2. Never Overindulge

Drinking is a fun social activity. However, sometimes we have too much fun with friends or family to the point we forget about our drinking limit. Of course, being blacked out drunk can create funny stories and lasting memories, but it can also cause accidents.

For this new year, challenge yourself not to overindulge with liquor. Develop self-discipline and control as one of your new year’s drinking resolutions. Know your limits to avoid accidents and nasty hangovers.

3. Stop Hoarding

As liquor lovers, we tend to buy more wine than we have racks. We often say that we are saving these wines for a later time when they achieve their maximum flavor. Who are we kidding? More often than not, we are not even aware that we have these bottles of wine.

So, as one of your New Year’s resolutions this 2022, open those bottles. Share the love for good food and good wine with friends and family with or without occasion. After all, wine tastes best with good company.

4. Try New Trends

As mentioned, the new year is an opportunity to try new things. If you are limited to drinking wine or beer this past year, challenge yourself as one of your new year’s drinking resolutions to get out of the norm and try niche trends. Food and wine experts like Martha Stewart have predicted the upcoming beverage trends for liquor lovers this 2022; you might want to try the following:

Chilled Red Wine

Traditionally, chilled wine is unheard of, especially red wine. However, at the start of the decade, chilling red wine in a bowl of ice has been observed in restaurants in New York – and for the right reasons. Chilled wine has a lighter, sweeter flavor, and this is especially true when you chill red wines with a lighter tannin content like pinot noir.


Cider is a common beverage in households and is often an underrated drink. This new year, cider will be a revelation. According to trend predictions, craft apple and pear ciders will take the market by storm this year; their refreshing taste and accessibility will be their winning strategy. Combine your usual cider recipe with bourbon, vodka, or gin and enjoy a warm buzz. Apple cider combined with vodka and ginger brings a wonderful warm sensation with a nice mix of sharpness and spice combined with sweetness. Nowadays, there are different ciders available in the market made from different varieties of apples. Experiment with each one and try pairing them with readily available spirits.


If you are not familiar with spritz, this year might be the opportunity for you to know all about it. Spritz is a wine-based cocktail topped with sparkling water popular with liquor lovers. This is an excellent beverage for social drinking with its light flavor and slightly sour undertones. Add some kick to your spritz by combining it with vodka and, voila! Instant vodka spritz!


Now you might wonder why tequila is included in the rising trend when it has been popular with college kids for a while. By 2022, tequila will soon see a further rise in its popularity and may eventually replace vodka as the go-to beverage for liquor lovers. Tequila can be quite a strong drink for first-timers and is quite known for the terrible hangover it brings. But, according to jimadors — farmers responsible for harvesting agave for tequila production — tequila appreciation comes from choosing the correct brand. Jimadors suggest that if you want to have a pleasant tequila drinking experience, you should always go for brands that have 100% agave declared on the label. The lesser the sugar quantity in your tequila, the lower chance of blacking out and getting hangovers.

Craft Beers

Craft beers have been around for quite a while, but 2022 will usher in new heights for independent brewers. As the world enters the third year of the pandemic, craft beers become more accessible to a wider group of people through door-to-door deliveries. Craft beers provide a more creative mix of flavors. While the most common craft beer is IPA, lagers are slowly making their way into the independent brewing industry with the help of technology. Watch out for alcoholic smoothies as well. The trend has not come into the mainstream consciousness yet, but beer-based smoothies are expected to be a hit.

5. Create Your Own Cocktail Mix Per Month

Nothing can make drinking more exciting than coming up with your own concoction of mixed drinks. If you have an immense collection of spirits, you might want to challenge yourself by creating different cocktail mixes per month. Mix and match spirits and discover the wonderful flavors it can create. For instance, rum and vodka provide a tangy mix of flavors with a warm sensation.
Play around with fruit mixes as well. You can create tropical mixes using tequila as a base or pairing mangoes with whiskey. Wine can also be a good cocktail base. Experiment with flavors for your sangria or mimosa by using the best wine on your rack!

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