8 Reasons Vodka Drinks Are Good for Your Health
8 Reasons Vodka Drinks Are Good for Your Health 

8 Reasons Vodka Drinks Are Good for Your Health

Vodka drinks are popular simply because they are delicious and easy to order. Aside from being an excellent cocktail shaker, vodka can also promote overall health and well-being. In moderation, one can enjoy several vodka health benefits

What Is Vodka?  

The origin of vodka dates back to the 8th and 9th century. Early on, drinking vodka was more for medicine rather than leisure or enjoyment. The name “vodka” came from the word voda, a Slavic word that literally translates to water. Because of its versatility, this colorless and flavorless drink merges seamlessly with other liquors. It is now one of the most ordered alcoholic beverages. 

What Is Vodka Made From?  

Vodka is produced through the process of distillation. Any plant material rich in starch or sugar can be used to make vodka, including grains like wheat, rye, and corn, or other ingredients like soybeans, potatoes, and grapes. 

Traditional preparation for vodka drinks usually aims at limiting its alcoholic content to just 40% by volume. Now, its alcohol content varies depending upon the standards set by the country producing it. European countries keep the minimum concentration at 37.5% by volume, while in the US, it is 30%. 

Carb and Calorie Content of Vodka  

One ounce of plain 80-proof vodka has approximately 64 calories. Aside from some trace nutrients, plain vodkas contain only water and alcohol. All its calories come from alcohol, so as the percentage increases, the calories do, too! Vodka contains zero carbs; they are stripped away during processing. 

8 Amazing Vodka Health Benefits  

1. It Is an Antiseptic  

Vodka has antiseptic properties that help prevent the development of infections. Its alcohol content can sterilize wounds, such as animal bites and blisters. It is colorless and flavorless, hence perfect to be used as an extractive solvent to make alcohol-based ointments. 

When mixed with cinnamon in specific quantities, vodka can also work as an effective mouthwash and cures bad breath. It can also be used to treat malodorous feet. 

2. It Is a Stress Reducer 

This claim can be made for most alcoholic drinks, but the low-calorie liquor has the science to prove that it can truly alleviate stress. Vodka drinks also have sleep-inducing properties that can help relax the mind and the body.  

Learning how to manage stress factors is important for help, and you should only drink vodka in moderation. 

3. It Heals Arthritis  

New evidence shows that vodka can actually help relieve the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis by controlling inflammation. 

4. It Protects Cardiovascular Health  

One of the most popular vodka health benefits is its protective effect against heart diseases. It can dilate the arteries to stimulate blood flow. Obstructed blood flow to the heart can lead to the development of life-threatening conditions, such as heart attack and stroke. Vodka also aids in promoting the amount of HDL or good cholesterol in the body. 

5. It Can Work as an Anesthetic  

Vodka is famous in Russian folklore for the treatment of mild headache, common cold, and even a bad hangover. Some experts suggest that vodka can be used topically as anesthesia. 

Tinctures can also be prepared by soaking the preferred roots, stems, leaves, or flowers in vodka, which extracts essential oils rich in healing properties without asserting the flavors of the herbs. Freezing it in a plastic bag full of vodka and applying it as an ice pack can help numb painful areas. 

Swishing some vodka, maybe a single shot around an aching tooth may also be helpful in reducing tooth pain. 

6. It Reduces Fever  

When rubbed onto the temples, chest, and back as a lotion or ointment, vodka can help bring down fever and the common cold. 

7. It Aids in Digestion and Urination  

In the 8th century, vodka was used in Poland to relieve the side effects of irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive problems. Its diuretic properties also promote urination when consumed moderately.

8. It Is Good for Your Hair and Skin  

Who would have thought that an alcoholic drink may come to your service as a beauty regimen? Vodka works well on the skin. Its astringent properties can help cleanse the skin and tighten pores. It can also promote hair growth and remove dandruff by cleansing the scalp. Therefore, don’t be shocked to see vodka as one of the ingredients of your favorite shampoos and conditioners. 

Again, vodka drinks should be taken only in moderation to accentuate the above-mentioned health benefits. 

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