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A Collection of Bloody Mary Recipes and Variations

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The Bloody Mary isn’t just a popular flight drink or hangover cure; it’s also a tasty addition to weekend brunch.

The Bloody Mary’s history is shrouded in mystery, much like other mixed drinks. There is some debate over where exactly the Bloody Mary originated. Many believe the drink was invented by bartender Fernand Petiot at Paris’s New York Bar in 1921, while others credit the Hemingway Bar at The Ritz. Still, one thing is for sure: it has become so famous that it has its own drink holiday, celebrated annually on January 1.

What Is a Bloody Mary Cocktail

The basic Bloody Mary ingredients are tomato juice, an alcoholic spirit (often vodka), and an assortment of citrus, seasonings, spices, and salts. Classic brunch cocktails, and sometimes an entire meal, may be customized in countless ways by changing the garnish, ranging from a simple celery stick to a full greasy breakfast.

However, this cocktail is much more than just vodka and tomato juice. If you’re looking to spice up your aperitif, here are 12 Bloody Mary variations using different liquors.

Must-Try Bloody Mary Recipes and Variations

1. The Bloody Maria

VWWS-Bloody Maria

The Bloody Maria’s name has mostly stayed the same, but the inclusion of tequila in place of vodka has altered the drink’s flavor and given it a distinctively Latino twist. Unlike vodka, which drowns out all other flavors, you can use tequila interchangeably without causing any disruptions. White tequila made from 100% agave plants is delicious when mixed with a twist of lime in this Bloody Mary drink.

2. The Red Snapper

In 1934, in the St. Regis New York’s King Cole Bar, Fernand Petiot allegedly concocted the red snapper, claiming it to be the first Bloody Mary ever made in the United States. The St. Regis’s version of the Bloody Mary calls for one ounce of vodka, eleven ounces of a house Bloody Mary mix that includes tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, and other spices, and a lemon wedge for garnish.

3. The Bloody Caesar

VWWS-Bloody Caesar

Canadians love their “Clamato” juice, a savory blend of clam and tomato juices invented by Walter Chell and considered the country’s national drink. The supermarket has professionally produced Clamato juice, most notably Mott’s. Still, some people want to mix their clam broth and tomato juice separately so they may adjust the proportions to their liking.

4. The Michelada

Do you wish your beer had a little more kick to it? If you like beer, think of the Michelada as a different Bloody Mary Recipe of the alcoholic beverage world. Quit thinking about the vodka. To make the perfect Michelada, you will need some light Mexican Cerveza, lime juice, hot sauce, and a dash of Worcestershire sauce. It will have a fantastic final appearance with a salted rim. Avoid restraint and use bold flavors like Mexican hot sauce and Chile salt.

5. The Green Mary

In place of traditional red tomatoes, green tomatoes or tomatillos are used as the foundation of the Bloody Mary mix in the Green Mary. Because of the tomatillo’s sourness, the remainder of the ingredients will need to be adjusted.

6. The Bloody Bulldog

This variant demonstrates that you may substitute any alcoholic beverage for vodka in Bloody Mary; this one is a little more daring than usual because it uses a crowd-pleaser spirit like gin. It’s never a dull moment when a British Bulldog takes center stage. Balsamic vinegar and a clove of garlic are added to the standard fare to make this twist even more exciting.

7. The Virgin Mary

In other locations, this variation is called “Bloody Shame.” Due to its nearly 0% alcohol level, it has been labeled kid-friendly by bar patrons. An average Virgin Mary tastes like hot tomato juice with an air of cold, bland sophistication. The Virgin Mary is ideal for recovering alcoholics who want to satisfy their desires without sabotaging their progress toward recovery.

8. The Asian Bloody Mary

Adding fish sauce, chili garlic sauce, wasabi paste, and soy sauce create a lovely fusion with the original components that pack a serious punch. Although it is a unique dining experience in its own right, this offshoot is not for the faint of heart. Try this out if you’re in the mood for something hot and want to see how far your taste buds and stomach can go.

9. The Bacon Bloody Mary

VWWS-Bacon Bloody Mary

Every bar and restaurant serves its own “specialty” Bloody Mary. The name alone suggests that there are countless ways to tweak this traditional drink. While some varieties utilize bacon as a garnish, the best Bacon Bloodys are made with vodka or rye whiskey infused with bacon for a truly authentic bacon flavor. Indeed, real bacon is included as well.

10. The Bloodless Mary

Drinkers who claim to dislike Bloody Marys often resort to making the Bloodless Mary instead. This variation may be more similar to a martini than a Bloody Mary. Tomato water is used in its place of tomato juice, yielding a more transparent end product. To prepare tomato water, puree tomatoes, spices, and seasonings in a blender before filtering off the pulp and particles.

11. The Shrimp Cocktail Bloody Mary

VWWS-Shrimp Cocktail Bloody Mary

Consequently, the word “shrimp cocktail” is now entirely literal. The “Capitol Mary” is the signature Bloody Mary of St. Regis Washington, D.C.; it’s made with gin instead of vodka, and it comes with oyster crackers and a shrimp for garnish.

12. The Absurdly Garnished Bloody Mary

One might use this classification as a catch-all. Garnishing Bloody Mary with too many extras is nothing new. Many find such massive mixtures delicious, while those with more delicate sensibilities may be repulsed. Mix some vodka and tomato juice and call it a Bloody Mary to go with your burger, pizza, or ribs.

Key Takeaway

The two primary components of a Bloody Mary are tomato juice and vodka. Typically, you can only jazz it up with citrus, spices, or garnishes. However, in recent years, countless variations have been developed for this drink, many of which omit one of the two required ingredients or place their own unique spin on them. Why not give any of the above-recommended Bloody Mary recipes and variations a shot; you never know which one you would love.

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