Bottoms Up - The Best Alcoholic Beverages for Different Occasions

Bottoms Up: The Best Alcoholic Beverages for Different Occasions

Every occasion, be it a birthday party, wedding, first date, Friday night, or Sunday brunch, it is always a good time to have a drink or two. Many people are used to drinking just beer or wine, but there are several other great alcoholic beverages that you should try from time to time. 

However, with the wide variety of drinks to choose from, how would you know which one is the best for a particular occasion? Here’s an in-depth look at the best alcoholic beverages for different events.


There are really no hard and fast rules when choosing the best wine for every occasion because people are partial to certain drinks depending on their taste and personal preference. 

White wines, being lighter and drier than red wines are perfect starters for any evening event. 

Chardonnay, which has a wide appeal among many wine connoisseurs, can also be served along with rich-tasting menus, especially those with creamy sauces. Sauvignon Blanc makes a good company with salads, shrimp, and fish because of its fruity taste.

Red wines are good for main courses and are typically served during the latter part of any event. Their full-bodied nature makes them an excellent compliment to hearty meals. Merlot has a well-balanced mix of body and lightness, hence, perfect for most dishes. It does well with pork, poultry, and lamb.


Nothing tastes like a cold glass of beer! This is one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages in the world. While this can be served nearly on all occasions, many would take it while watching sports. Whether you are enjoying a game at the comfort of your home, at a club or stadium, beer is the ideal beverage. 


Originally made as a medical substance, whiskey is now a favorite drink when celebrating any milestone! Others enjoy it while playing poker games at home. It makes a perfect ingredient for several cocktail drinks


Just like whiskey, vodka was originally formulated for medical purposes. While its healing properties remain valuable, this colorless and odorless drink is now popular for parties. This is perfect for beginners and light drinkers because you will not get drunk quickly. You will surely enjoy a long night of chitchats with some bites on the sides! 


Gin is a good drink to have before going to a club. Gin-tonic is the perfect way to get yourself in a good mood. This can also be helpful for hangovers. 


Well-mixed rum cocktails drinks are an excellent way to wow friends and guests at a party! Several concoctions go perfectly well with rum and they are unbelievably easy! Daiquiri and mojitos are just two of the best alcoholic drinks for parties! They are the most popular rum cocktails. These evergreen beverages show absolutely no signs of retirement! 


A tequila shot is definitely a fun party starter! There are several types of tequila that run the spectrum in terms of potency, color, and flavor. Silver tequila is probably the most famous. It tastes sweet and is more refreshing. 

It is a perfect drink on its own, but it is good for mixed drinks too! The easiest mixers are tequila soda and tequila Sprite. Others like it with ginger ale as well. Aside from your favorite margaritas, you can also use tequila in a Paloma, Sunrise, or Michelada. You can do your own flavors and experiment! 


When it comes to celebratory toasts and drinks, nothing beats champagne! However, other than celebrations, there are several instances where a glass of champagne is ideal. 

You can serve champagne to entertain and honor your guests at home during a dinner party. A glass of champagne is also best enjoyed during a date night. 

If you are looking for a perfect drink to give a gift to your boss, champagne is also the perfect choice. 

Tips to Enjoy Drinking on Every Occasion  

To get the most out of your drinks and enjoy the event you are attending, you have to remember the following tips: 

Know Your Limit  

Regardless of what type of alcohol you are drinking, you have to know the amount you can tolerate to avoid losing control. Do not embarrass yourself or your companions in any event. Start slow and stop when you feel the need to. 

Skip Drinks 

To stay sober for longer and not go overboard with drinking, you have to sip non-alcoholic drinks between your favorite booze. This can help keep your blood alcohol concentration low and enjoy the occasion more. 

Eat While Drinking  

You should eat foods that are rich in protein while drinking. Cheese and peanuts are perfect snacks during parties. They can help slow down the absorption of alcohol into the circulation. Having mentioned the above recommendations, there are still some occasions when you may prefer to serve different types of alcoholic drinks simultaneously and give your guests the liberty to choose their favorite. Village Warehouse Wine and Spirits in Colorado can help you with all your drinks need.

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