Choosing Wine for Dinners And Holiday Parties

Choosing Wine for Dinners And Holiday Parties

We’re only a few days from the holidays. If you’re planning to add an extra dose of fun to your gatherings and celebrations, make sure you have the best holiday wine and liquor to share with your loved ones and friends.

With wine’s delectable taste complementing different dishes and desserts — whether sweet or salty — it has become a staple in holiday dinners and parties. As some people would say, “Without wine, there will be whine.”

If you’re throwing a party or going to a family celebration this holiday season, we are here to help you in choosing wine. Let’s get started! We’ve prepared a one-stop guide for you to look into.

How to Choose Wine for Dinners and Holiday Parties

To make the most of the year-end season, get the best wine for dinners and holiday parties. Take a look at this list for a fun and wine-derful time.
If you are the host, here are the things to consider:

1. Price

Don’t let price dictate your choice when choosing wine. Just because you have an expensive wine on the shelf doesn’t mean that it’s the best wine for dinners and holidays. Some come with great discounts, but that doesn’t mean that they’re of lower quality.

Consider looking at the characteristics instead of the price. Look for those with great flavors. There’s no harm in trying new brands and types, but there’s also nothing wrong with sticking to the ones you’ve already tried.

2. Number of Guests

One of the things you need to consider when choosing wine is the number of guests. You need to make sure that everyone in the dinner party — except for the minors — gets to taste it.

3. Types of Courses

You also need to consider the courses at the dinner party. Although it isn’t hard to match wine with any dish, some types of wine can elevate the tastes of some particular food. You can look up different perfect wine and dish pairings on the internet.

Meanwhile, here are some tips to consider when choosing wine for a particular dish:

  • Acidic food goes well with acidic wine – If you’re planning to serve dishes with high acidity or intense flavors, the best holiday wine and liquor to prepare are those with high acidity too. Otherwise, the food will overpower the flavors of the wine.
  • Salty food is best paired with sweet wine – Sweet-meets-salty combinations are a classic food pairing that never fails to excite. It also applies when choosing wine. Not only does sweet wine balance the saltiness of some dishes, but it also brings out explosive flavor synergies.
  • Fatty food needs bitter, acidic, or high-alcohol wines – When it comes to choosing wines to pair with fatty food, you have lots of great options. You can choose from bitter, acidic, or high-alcohol types of wine. These characteristics tend to cut through acid and round out the flavors of fatty dishes.
  • Spicy food is the best partner of low-alcohol wine – Alcohol can accentuate the spiciness of a dish. So, if you’re planning to prepare fiery food, the best types of wine to prepare are those with low-alcohol content. You can also choose low-bodied and fruit-forward types of wine.

If you’re the guest and you’re planning to bring wine, you need to consider one thing: the host’s preferences. If they are more of the type who sticks with a particular wine, consider buying what they like. However, if they are more daring, think about bringing wines they haven’t tried — those that come from new regions.

Types of Wine for the Holidays

Now that you know how to choose wine for your dinners and parties this holiday season, it’s time to know your options. Here are the different types of wines:

1. Red Wines

Red wines are made from black grapes. They contain high tannin levels that make them bitter and dry in taste. Red wines are best at ambient temperature since tannin gets more bitter when chilled.

2. White Wines

White wines, on the other hand, have a lower tannin content. They have a higher acid content that contributes to their crisp, tart, and fresh flavors. Before drinking, chill white wines to bring out their flavors.

3. Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wines are carbonated wines made from white and black grapes. The most common type is champagne, which is a perfect beverage for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

4. Rosé Wines

Rosé wines have pink colors caused by fermenting black grape skin with its juice for a short period, usually a few hours or days. It has a low tannin content that gives it a light flavor, perfect for first-time drinkers.

5. Fortified Wines

Fortified wines have higher alcohol-by-volume content compared to other types of wine. For this reason, they are best paired with desserts, such as chocolates, cheesecakes, nuts, and tarts.

6. Dessert Wines

Dessert wines, as the name suggests, are perfect as a dessert. They make a suitable after-meal drink, thanks to their light and sweet flavors. You can also pair them with other desserts, such as vanilla pudding, biscotti, and chocolates.

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