What to Do With Wine Besides Drinking It

What to Do With Wine Besides Drinking It?

When you see a nice bottle of wine, the first thing some people think about is having a glass. However, have you ever thought of what to do with wine other than that? If you haven’t, then you should know that wine is more useful than you think.

As weird as it can be, there are still some other things to do with wine, especially any leftovers. If you are interested in learning some tricks, we prepared a list for you!

Other Things You Can Do With Wine

1. Marinate Meat and Fish

You probably know that drinking wine is good for the heart, but do you know that it has other health benefits? You read that right; using red wine for marinating can lessen the effects of the carcinogenic compounds found in red meat.

What you have to do is marinate the meat for a minimum of 6 hours before cooking it. Besides adding more flavor, the effects of carcinogenic compounds can be lessened by up to 90%.

You can also use wine to marinate other types of meat, such as chicken and fish. You and your family will enjoy having a new and improved flavor for your dishes at home!

2. Make Wine Reduction

If you are looking for a more creative way to cook with wine besides marinating meat, you can also use it to make a sauce!

When cooking steaks, pan-seared meat, and other dishes, having a wine reduction is one of the best ways to create a flavorful sauce. So, consider it if you have leftover wines.

You might be wondering what is the best wine to cook with. Well, that is subjective. You can choose any wine you prefer, and you can try any wine reduction recipe you like.

3. Clean Vegetables and Fruits

Like baking soda, being a natural vegetable and fruit cleaner is another use for leftover wine. The alcohol it contains can remove the dirt found in vegetables and fruits.

In addition, in one of the studies conducted by the Oregon State University, wine has been proven to kill some types of bacteria found in vegetables and fruits. To be specific, it can kill both E. Coli and salmonella.

4. Disinfect the Kitchen

As mentioned above, you can use wine to clean fruits and vegetables; moreover, you can also use it to disinfect your kitchen.

The alcohol content of wine combined with the level of acidity it has can kill bacteria and germs around your kitchen. Using it can help you save money from buying chemical disinfectants.

Just a tip, be extra cautious when using it in the kitchen, as wine can damage some surfaces due to its high level of acidity.

5. Turn Into Vinegar

Leftover wines are on their way to becoming vinegar. So, instead of spending money to buy one, why not make your own vinegar at home?

One of the best uses for leftover wine is turning it into vinegar. This process might take time, but it is undoubtedly worth the wait. You can find different recipes on the internet; this one is a must-try!

6. Dye Shirts and Other Clothes

Nowadays, looking for a dye that does not contain many chemicals is difficult. However, do you know that dyeing shirts and other clothes are among the most creative uses for leftover wine?

If you have experienced having a drop of dark wine on one of your light-colored shirts, then you probably know its stain is almost impossible to remove. You might as well put it to good use by creating a new look for your shirt.

7. Remove Stains from Grease

Besides leftover wines, you can also put old wines to use. Do not throw them away since you might need them someday.

What you can do with old wine is use it as a stain remover. More specifically, you can pour white wine to remove grease stains in your garage or backyard. It can help remove the stain due to its acidity, but it works best when paired with baking soda.

You can do a lot with wine; you have to explore and be creative. So, if you want to try doing some of the previously mentioned tricks, you can visit us at Village Warehouse Wine & Spirits. We have a liquor store in Avon, Colorado, and we offer the best beers, spirits, and wine you will ever taste. Give us a call if you have any queries!

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