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Wine for BBQ in Summer

Do you know what summer means? It’s time for grilling! Although outdoor grilling is commonly associated with beer, there are no rules about enjoying a glass of wine with your burger. Pairing wine for BBQ is easier than you think. A chilled glass of wine for BBQ enhances the flavor of your summertime favorites in some surprising ways.

Kick your BBQ game up a notch and learn the best wines for a summer barbecue.

Tips to Consider When Serving Wine for BBQ Parties

Weekend wine with barbecue is a great way to have fun and enjoy the season with family and friends, six feet apart, with the best BBQ-wine pairing.

The question remains: What wines go well with summer barbecue food? With so many options, we have six strategies to help you build a collection of wine for BBQ that will cover all your needs. Follow these tips, quench your thirst, and enjoy what you love.

1. Take note of the acidity.

Acidity is the key to wine for BBQ pairings; it cuts through fats and adds salt, and most importantly, it keeps your taste buds tingling between bites. High-acid wines — especially white wine — are a great way to keep satiated during warm months.

2. Keep a variety of red wines.

Summer and red wine are not mutually exclusive, particularly when it comes to grilled foods and BBQ-wine pairing. A chilled glass of red wine is the best way to pair juicy burgers or smoked meats. We love a glass of the earth-driven Syrah or an ashy glass of Etna Rosso for meat-based favorites.

On the other hand, a peppery bottle of Cabernet Franc or a thirst-quenching glass of Pinot Noir is an excellent option for grilling portobello mushrooms, eggplant, and vegetable skewers.

3. Avoid wines with high ABV.

It’s summer, but powerhouse red wine for BBQ may not be the best option. Avoid wines with high ABVs or aggressive tannins; they might make you uncomfortable on hot evenings.

A chillable red wine that will satisfy all tastes is a great choice. The high acidity and low levels of tannins in chillable red wines are extremely fruit-forward: think Gamay and Pinot Noir.

4. Invest in Rosé.

There isn’t a time when a good pour of pink wine for BBQ is not enough. Rosé is the best wine for BBQ to entertain and satisfy everyone. Rosé wine, when made by skilled producers, is both acid-driven and structured; pair it with various hearty dishes, and it will still be bright enough to enjoy alone.

5. Sparkling wine is a must-have.

Sparkling wine is probably the best wine for BBQ, an experience in and of itself when you pop the right bottle. Keep a few bottles of bubbles during your barbecue; they can stimulate the palate and prepare us for big meals. They also pair well with many foods and snacks.

A bottle of Pét-nat is a great way to start the evening with a fun, bubbly drink. A delicious bottle of Champagne is an excellent choice that will help you get through many hearty meals. For a sweet treat after dinner, Patrick Bugey-Cerdon’s “La Cueille” NV is the way to go.

6. Feel free to experiment.

The number one rule for wine with barbecue or any food and beverage pairing is to enjoy what you love. Wine is meant to bring people together and spark joy. Be sure to choose the best wine for BBQ that you enjoy when picking the right wine for your next barbecue.

How to Select Wines for BBQ

Understanding why a particular wine is compatible with certain types of foods will help you choose a wine based on what’s in stock.

As a rule of thumb, red wines go well with barbecued meats because of the meat’s high fat and umami flavor that balance the tannins in red wine.

You can season pork barbecue with sweet, spicy, and smoky flavors. Use a fruity wine with similar smoky-spicy flavors to balance these flavors out in your grilled pork. A Zinfandel with a medium to full body and plenty of backbone is excellent for BBQ and wine parties. You also have an alternative; use your wine to “sauce” the meat, as the Italians do.

According to the Grilling Technique

You could also serve Ruby Port on ice with your slow-smoked pork. This BBQ and wine pairing will serve as the sauce and give you an extraordinary explosion of flavor.
Think about another full-bodied option, such as Tempranillo or Sangiovese for grilled red meat, such as burgers or steak on the grill. These wines will complement the spicy and smoky flavors of the dish.

According to Barbecue Sauce

The secret to a good barbecue meal is in its sauce. There are a variety of sauce bases used for barbecue, which give the meal its general flavor. Try pairing wines such as Sangiovese with earthy and spicy sauce bases like the South Carolina mustard-based BBQ sauce.

Pairing Wine With Poultry and Fish

If the recipe is straightforward enough, chicken and fish almost always go well with unoaked or lightly oaked Chardonnay. Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc also pairs well with simple grilled chicken, fish, and other lighter dishes. They are light, citrusy, and sometimes a little minty.

A sweeter, richer Gewurztraminer is an excellent choice if you barbecue your chicken thoroughly. Blue cheese is a great addition to your grilled wings. The sweetness will make the spice and smell disappear, creating the most delicious combination of flavor and aroma. Make sure you serve the Gewurztraminer chilled to temper spicy foods further.

Pairing Wine With Seafood

It isn’t easy to pair wine with seafood or fish. White wines are usually the best choice, but which ones? Choosing a dry white wine will not disappoint you if you want a full-bodied, rich wine.

What about seafood served with heavy sauces like tomato sauce or barbecue? What about Lobster Thermidor? Do you use the same wine for grilled shrimp with lobster?
Sparkling wine is perfect for fried food, whether it comes from California, France, or Spain. Light beers can go well with fried seafood. However, many wines lose something if paired with tempura and thick beer batter.

Village Warehouse Wine & Spirits Is Your Go-to for Summer BBQ Wines

Are you planning to host your first summer barbecue party? Don’t worry. Village Warehouse Wine & Spirits house a variety of commercial and artisanal beers.

Call us for a quote or visit our liquor store in Vail, Colorado and select your favorite beer or wine from our collection today.

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